"You fool! Don't you realize yet you're up against the perfect weapon?!"

— "Save the World"


セル Seru

Anime name Cell
Manga name Cell
Alternate names The Ultimate Fighter

Mr. Cell The Perfect Being Super (Albanian Dub) The Perfect Warrior Celula (Spanish Dub) Komórczak (Polish Dub)

Debut Manga: "Kami-sama and the Demon King Become One"

Anime: "Borrowed Powers"

Appears in [2][3]
Race Biological Android
Date of birth Age 786(completed in an alternate timeline)
Date of death May 26, Age 767
Allegiance Red Ribbon Army(Red Ribbon Androids)

Cell (セル) is one of the major supervillains of the Dragon Ball mangaand the Dragon Ball Z anime. He is the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero, designed to have all the abilities of the greatest fighters to have ever inhabited or visited Earth; the result is a "perfect warrior", possessing numerous favorable genetic traits and special abilities. Cell is the only Red Ribbon "Android" to not have the Red Ribbon insignia on him. He is also one of the few Red Ribbon Androids not directly completed by Dr. Gero; the others are Android 13Android 14,Android 15, and possibly Android 8. Both Cell and Androids 13, 14 and 15's conceptions involved Dr. Gero's Super Computer.


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[4]Some initial sketches of Cell (Daizenshuu 4)Added by Jeangabin666Cell's personality changes drastically throughout the Androids Arc. He is unique among most villains of the series in that he is quite sophisticated. As his evolution proceeds, he can be observed as having a more patient and calculating approach towards his goals. Because of his genetic composition from other warriors, he is able to psychologically manipulate those warriors and exploit their weaknesses to his advantage.

At first, Cell's desire to complete his evolution by absorbing both Android 17 and Android 18 is what fuels him. Upon reaching his final form, his eagerness to test the limits of his newfound power is what defines his character.

With each transformation, Cell's personality undergoes a drastic change. Initially, Cell is completely single-minded in pursuit of his goals. Upon reaching his first transformation, he becomes far more brash and impulsive in his actions. Upon reaching perfection, Cell displays a number of traits shared by those whose cells he possesses;Piccolo's cunning, Vegeta's pride, Goku's laid-back disposition, Frieza's smugness, and the Saiyan lust for battle. He is also shown calm and genuinely polite in this Perfect form. Perhaps Cell's most distinguishable trait in this form is his uninhibited vanity, which he shamelessly puts on display by launching the Cell Games, a tournament organized for the sole purpose of showing off his newfound power. It can also be seen during Cell's confrontation withGohan when he affirms his true purpose: the annihilation of anything he considers imperfect, a category in which he places everyone and everything but himself.

In the English manga, Cell is referred to as "it", while in the anime (and the Japanese versions of both), he is referred to as "he." He is likely described that way in the English manga to emphasize the fact that he is an artificial being.

Genetic composition and unique abilitiesEdit

[5]First colored image of Cell, made for the anime staffAdded by Jeangabin666{| border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border:1pxsolidrgb(170,170,170);padding:0px;margin:0.5em1em;width:auto;" |"Like Piccolo I can fully regenerate as long as my core remains. Like the Saiyans my power increases greatly after I heal from near death, and like Frieza I can survive anywhere." — Super Perfect Cell in "The Horror Won't End" |} Cell is composed of cells from Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, King Cold, and according to the manga title page, a number of other lifeforms (in the FUNimation dub, it is also stated that he has cells from KrillinGohanNappa, and Tien Shinhan). He also possesses information on Nappa, Raditz, Gohan, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha, and Future Trunks that is collected by Dr. Gero's remote tracking device and stocked in the Super Computer. Cell is therefore able to use their attacks (ex. KamehamehaRegeneration etc.). His genetic composition is very much a part of his character. It is also implied that, when using these attacks, he often changes his genetic code so he can match the genetic source of his attacks, as when he is going to fire the Kamehameha at Piccolo, Gohan and Vegeta sense Goku in the distance, with the former being near Goku at the time. In his Imperfect Form, he is clever, calculating and single-minded about achieving his Perfect Form. In his Semi-Perfect Form, he is a little more arrogant. In his Perfect and Super Perfect forms, he is extremely arrogant; he becomes very smug and he believes that every other living creature is inferior to him, and is shown to be very polite unless he loses his temper. Upon meeting Piccolo for the first time in Gingertown, Cell tells Piccolo that the computer programmed some genetic traits to be more dominant than others. He bears a strong resemblance to Frieza in all of his forms such as his tail and the talon-like feet of his first form, and in his perfect form, his face resembles Frieza's first form. He can also revert back a few stages at will if necessary, as evidenced when Cell reverts back from his Imperfect form to his Larval form in order to use Trunks' Time Machine. [6]Cell in his adult formAdded by Kill YouCell is designed to have the ability to absorb any biological mass by stabbing his victims with his tail. This process, called "bio-extraction," drains all the organic mass out of the target from the inside out. This attack increases Cell's power, the exact amount depending on the victim's power level. Cell is also designed to absorb Dr. Gero's other androids (Android 17and Android 18) whole, integrating them into his systems. Each time he absorbs an android, he evolves into a more powerful being, however he cannot absorb completely mechanical Androids such as Android 16.

Upon assimilating both Android 17 and Android 18, he gains the ability to asexually reproduce, creating blue, child versions of himself, called "Cell Juniors"

He is also able to change his voice to one of his other forms at will, as Perfect Cell uses his Imperfect form's voice during his announcement of the Cell Games in "The Doomsday Broadcast" when explaining that he is the "creature from Nicky Town". He is also able to manipulate his voice, changing it to someone he absorbed. This is demonstrated when Semi-Perfect Cell changes his voice to 17's to try to convince 18 to merge with the bio-android.

Biography & FormsEdit

Main articles: Imperfect Cell SagaPerfect Cell Saga, and Cell Games Saga

Larval FormEdit

[7]Larva Cell floating in his incubatorAdded by Mr.QuatrarioCell's original, larval form floats in Dr. Gero's basement laboratory. In the present timeline, the Present Cell is killed by Trunks and Krillin when they discover the basement (which included some blueprints). In Future Trunks' timeline, Future Cell is alive, searching for the Androids, when Future Trunks returns from the present timeline, but gets killed by Future Trunks' Heat Dome Attack. In another alternate timeline, Cell grows to full-size, cracks out of the machine, turns from a larva into its imperfect form, kills Trunks in order to steal his Time Machine, reverts to his larval form, and travels back to the present timeline in order to absorb Androids 17 and 18.

Cocoon FormEdit

[8]Cell in his pupal stageAdded by Mobius.roThis is Cell's second evolutionary stage. He burrows deep into the ground where he remains for four years, during which time he undergoes a slow, natural evolutionary process as he prepares to change into his imperfect form. Once ready, Cell emerges from the ground to shed his skin. This form's effectiveness in combat (if it has any) is never shown, although it is possible it has some level of defensive capabilities, as being a "perfect" being, it would have some way of defending itself.

Imperfect Cell (First Form)Edit

[9]Imperfect Cell's first appearance in Dragon Ball ZAdded by BeadtmdcImperfect Cell (不完全体セル, Fukanzentai Seru) or 1st form Cell (第ー形態セル Dai Ichi Keitai Seru) is Cell's mature form prior to his absorption of Androids 17 and 18.


Unlike his larval form, Cell walks fully upright on two legs. His facial features have not yet fully developed, and he still retains an orifice-like mouth (which generally obscures four teeth, as revealed in "Silent Warrior"), rather than traditional human-like features seen in later forms. The two sections of his head shoot off in different directions, rather than nearly straight up, as in the next two forms. Cell is later shown using the power he absorbed from his victims by having an aura with the appearance of wailing souls. Cell has orange color parts near his abdominal area, the back of his head, and even near his groin area. He has two wings which are both green with black spots. He has a dark green and light green mix all over his exoskeleton (including head, arms and legs). He has five fingers and three toes just as similar and Frieza's (three fingers in the manga, but changed in the show like Dodoria and the Namekians), including his tail, but also has a stinger included at the end of his tail. He also has black sections as well near his abdominal area, in the middle between the two sections on his head, and even the black part of opposite side of his tail. He even has blue veins in both of his arms, legs, and even some in the upper body.


[10]Imperfect Cell meets PiccoloAdded by BeadtmdcWhen Cell is first awakened in his timeline, both Android 17 and Android 18 are not present, having already been taken out by Future Trunks. In order to complete his evolution, he kills Future Trunks and steals his Time Machine, going back in time to the date set by Future Trunks in the "standard" timeline when both Androids are still functional, sometime around four years prior to the Androids' arrival. In order to fit into the machine, Cell has to revert back to anegg. [11]Cell vs. PiccoloAdded by BeadtmdcOnce in the past, he hides underground for four years until he can grow back to his adult, humanoid self. After emerging in his imperfect form, Cell still fears that he does not have the power he needs to forcibly absorb the Androids. To increase his strength, his first actions are to exterminate several towns, absorbing the human inhabitants within. After completing his feeding on the humans in Ginger Town, Cell is confronted by Piccolo. After a brief struggle where he is beaten around several times, he manages to absorb enough of Piccolo's power to make him stronger and destroys one of Piccolo's arms. Cell (now mistakenly confident in victory) explains who he is to Piccolo. After hearing the story of his creation and his plan, Piccolo reveals that he tricked Cell to give him the time he needed to regenerate his arm and allow him to continue fighting. Future Trunks and Krillin then arrive at the scene. Future Trunks' presence in the past surprises Cell, as is the fact that Goku has not died of his heart disease and is still alive. Outnumbered, Cell quickly uses the Solar Flare to temporarily blind his opponents and escape. [12]Cell confronts the androids and PiccoloAdded by BeadtmdcCell decides to use a hit-and-run strategy at this point, hiding from the Z Fighters while going from town to town (including Nicky TownBasil Airport, andChazke Village) absorbing humans and gaining the power he needs to be able to take on the Androids. Piccolo and Tien work on tracking him while Future Trunks and Krillin kill the current (main) timeline's Cell while still in his infancy. Eventually, after absorbing several tens of thousands of humans, Cell detects a large ki; knowing that this has to be Piccolo, he deduces that the only thing that could make him fight so hard would be the Androids. Cell wastes no time and quickly heads toward the area; as he figures, he finds Piccolo and Android 17 engaged in battle.

Cell interrupts the fight and attacks Android 17. At this point, his power has far surpassed Piccolo and Android 17's, and without any precautions, he approaches 17. As the monster prepares to absorb the Android, Piccolo attacks him, freeing Android 17 from his grasp. When Android 17 learns what Cell has planned, he dismisses the threat, thinking that he is much more powerful than Cell could ever be, and attacks. After knocking away Android 17, he fights and easily beats Piccolo, even managing to not even flinch at Piccolo's most powerful attack. After blasting a hole through Piccolo's side and tossing him into the sea, Cell is able to attack 17 again. [13]Imperfect Cell absorbing Android 17 to achieve his Semi-Perfect formAdded by BeadtmdcHe has almost absorbed 17 when Android 16 becomes involved. Android 16 states according to his calculations that he is just equivalent to Cell in both strength and speed, and portends that he will be the one to kill Cell. After a struggle where it is revealed that Cell is unable to absorb 16's energy, 16 manages to injure Cell thanks to one of his most devastating attacks, but before he can finish him off, 17 interrupts and remarks that the three of them are unbeatable.

Cell uses this opportunity to burst out of the ground directly behind 17, and quickly absorbs him, evolving into his Semi-Perfect form.


At first in his Imperfect Form, Cell has the power of his genetic materials at the time their DNA has been collected. Even after absorbing hundreds of humans, however, he was no match for Super Namek Piccolo. But after absorbing at least six hundred thousand humans, he was able to outclass both Android 17 and Piccolo. Though both Piccolo and 17 were exhausted from their previous fight against each other. He was calculated to be nearly equal to Android 16 in power by the android himself. After absorbing 17, his power drastically increases.

Semi-Perfect Cell (Second Form)Edit

[14]Semi-Perfect CellAdded by BeadtmdcSemi-Perfect Cell (半完全体セル, Hankanzentai Seru) or 2nd Form Cell (第二形態セル Dai Ni Keitai Seru) is a form Cell achieved after absorbing Android 17, but before getting to Android 18. This form makes its debut on Dragon Ball Zepisode 152 (137 in the edited version), "Say Goodbye, 17", which premiered on August 12, 1992.


In this form, Cell's wings disappear, and he becomes much more humanoid, also becoming bulkier. While the nose is not yet fully formed (as it is in the next stage), he now has an actual mouth. The two off-shooting sections of his head now go straight into the air, as well. In this form, he is at his 2nd largest (because of Power Weighted Perfect Cell) with his height being more than double that of Vegeta. His tail is longer than before, and protrudes from his back, as well as becoming orange and black. His voice is deeper than his previous form. The back of his head and the black section on his forehead are now formed together as a ball in between the two sections on his head. His lips are now the color pink, and the black sections above his lips look like a mustache (except it is part of his skin). He now has blue eyes in this form. He even has feet like shoes in this form and metal plates all around both of his ankles. He has the same shape of ears as Frieza's, except that his has an orange line that goes down to his chin and to the both sides of his ears.


[15]Semi-Perfect CellAdded by BeadtmdcAfter he achieves this form, Cell no longer cares about absorbing other creatures, and becomes obsessed with finding Android 18. Aside from his obsession, he also becomes slightly more arrogant because of his power increase, as well as being rash and impatient. His arrogance is short-lived though; he is easily outclassed by Vegeta's Ascended Super Saiyan form. After finding that his Semi-Perfect form is no match for his opponent, Cell convinces Vegeta to allow him to absorb Android 18 to attain the Perfect Form (which he is able to do as he appeals to Vegeta's ego and the natural Saiyan drive to fight stronger opponents, both of which Cell is aware of, as he possesses Vegeta's cells).

According to his bios in the video games Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 andBudokai Tenkaichi 3, in his new form, he seems to feel that he is the most powerful living specimen on the planet, and it is suggested that this arrogant attitude may have been influenced by Vegeta's genes (meaning Vegeta's cells may become more prominent while in this form, which seems to be supported by the fact he uses at least two of Vegeta's signature moves in this form, albeit only in the anime: Galick Gun and Big Bang Attack). It may also be due to his absorption of Android 17 and the genes of Frieza, both of whom are very egotistical and intolerant of the idea of anyone being better than themselves. To further support the notion of his superiority, Android 16, who barely survives his brief encounter with this form of Cell, thinks to himself that there should be no one in the universe ready to challenge him at this point (and that it is odd how he is still so obsessed with achieving completion), until this preconception is shattered by Cell's embarrassment against the self-proclaimed "Super Vegeta."


[16]Semi-Perfect CellAdded by Mpc797After Cell's absorption of Android 17, Android 16, knowing that he is now well outmatched, attempts to flee with Android 18, but Cell easily intercepts them, thanks to the added speed of Android 17. In a display of his new power, he takes a direct hit from Android 16 without injury and then easily blasts the Android, nearly destroying his head effortlessly. Cell turns to Android 18, but she threatens to self destruct before joining him if he approaches, which will leave him unable to attain his complete form. In an attempt to pacify her, he pretends to be Android 17 by mimicking his voice (a trait probably gained from his absorption) and tells her how wonderful it is to be part of Cell and fulfilling "the great" Dr. Gero's vision. Android 16, still functional but badly damaged, warns her of the ploy, something she already knows since both she and Android 17 despised Dr. Gero, they would never compliment him. [17]Semi-Perfect Cell absorbing Android 18 to achieve his Perfect FormAdded by BeadtmdcWhen his plan fails, Cell prepares to attempt to absorb 18 by force regardless, knowing that he is fast enough to prevent her from destroying herself and more than capable of overpowering her. He is prevented by Tien however, who uses his Neo Tri-Beam attack several times to stall Cell, destroying much of the landscape and nearly killing himself. Though Cell does not take any significant damage from the assault, it manages to hold him at bay long enough for Android 16 and Android 18 to make their escape. Though Tien is exhausted to the point of death (and soon falls unconscious), Cell insults Tien for stalling his plans and decides to finish him as retribution. Before he can fire though, Goku intervenes and teleports to their location using Instant Transmission, meeting Cell for the first time. Goku informs Cell that while he is not strong enough yet, he will fight him in one day and win. Cell, who eagerly wants to fight Goku, states that they will not fight tomorrow, but now, and flies towards him when Goku grabs Piccolo. Before Cell can make contact, Goku uses Instant Transmission again, carrying an unconscious Tien and a barely alive Piccolo back to safety atKami's Lookout before Cell's punch lands.

Without anyone to oppose him, Cell continues his search for Android 18. After losing her in a group of islands, he threatens to destroy all the islands nearby unless 18 shows herself. When 18 does not answer under 16's orders, Cell proceeds to destroy the islands, one-by-one, in an attempt to flush the Android out. Having just completed his first year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta approaches and challenges him. Cell is soon shocked to discover that Vegeta is significantly more powerful than his new body, as the fight is entirely one-sided. Even after powering up to full power, he is unable to injure the Saiyan, who now calls himself "Super Vegeta." [18]Semi-Perfect Cell moments before self-destructingAdded by BeadtmdcDuring their fight, Cell becomes incredibly frustrated as he cannot land a hit on the Saiyan Prince, and states if it was not for Vegeta's interference, he knows he would have achieved his perfect form by now and have crushed everyone in his path. With Vegeta keen on knowing more about how strong Cell's final form may be, Cell appeals to Vegeta's ego, stating that if he were in his Perfect body, he would be a much better challenge. Vegeta, wanting a stronger opponent, agrees to Cell's proposition. When Future Trunks refuses to allow it, Cell calls on Vegeta to remove him as an obstacle while he goes after the recently discovered Android 18. Cell charges the Android with Future Trunks (also in his Ascended Super Saiyan form) in hot pursuit, until Vegeta kicks Future Trunks out of the way. Future Trunks retaliates by quickly blasting Vegeta, barely damaging him, but surprising him with the guts to attack his own father nonetheless, and going after Cell again, but Cell is ready and uses the Solar Flare to temporarily blind everyone long enough for him to absorb Android 18. Cell then puts up an impenetrable barrier while he evolves yet again, this time to Perfect Cell.

He later reverts to his semi-perfect state when he is beaten so badly by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan that he is forced to regurgitate Android 18. In filler, Gohan messes around with Cell in this form, scaring him into falling into a hole. Cell eventually gets so desperate, that he bloats up like a balloon and tries to blow himself up in an attempt to destroy the Earth, knowing he is well outmatched. With no other options, at the last second, Goku uses Instant Transmission to teleport Cell to King Kai's planet where he, King KaiGregory, and Bubbles all die. With this, Cell technically fulfilled his purpose (as layed out by Dr. Gero), killing Goku. Cell's nucleus survives the explosion and reconstructs himself into his most powerful state yet, the Super Perfect Cell.

Perfect CellEdit

[19]Perfect CellAdded by BeadtmdcPerfect Cell (完全体セル, Kanzentai Seru) is the ultimate form of Cell, which he assumed after absorbing both Androids 17 and 18.


Cell becomes much more humanoid in this form, complete with both a fully-formed nose and mouth. His tail is retracted and now used for the creation of Cell Jrs, Jr.'s, although it is shown in various media that he can still extend it from his back and absorb other people (as seen in Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road). Along with his previous two forms, Cell can brandish an aura with the same color as a Super Saiyan. He is also smaller than in his previous form, being only about Piccolo's height. His wings have grown back and now are shaded black. His exoskeleton is colored light-green with black spots and has black sections located on his shoulders, chest, the metal plates on his ankles are now shaded black, and now the orange section near his groin area are also shaded black. His skin is now pale all in his face and hands, he now has purple lines in both sides of his cheeks, similar to Frieza in his first three forms, and the orange line across from his ears and chin are now changed into a yellow color. His eyes are now pink, and his blue veins are now purple.


Cell becomes significantly more arrogant in this form due to his increase in speed and power, and now only wishes to test his own power and does not truly care for taking over the universe. In this form, Cell gains Frieza's polite mannerisms (though without the snide sarcasm), Piccolo's cunning, Vegeta's self-confidence, and Goku's laid back nature and love of fighting.


[20]Cell kicks KrillinAdded by Kill YouAfter Cell achieves his goal of becoming perfect, Krillin becomes enraged by Android 18's absorption and immediately attacks Cell, with Trunks assisting. However, Cell continues to admire his new body completely ignoring Krillin and Trunks' assault, barely registering Krillin and Trunks' hits and takes Krillin'sDestructo Disk attack to the neck with the disk breaking on impact, not even flinching. He then "lightly" kicks Krillin away, making Krillin fly across the island, leaving Krillin in a near dead state. Vegeta, unimpressed by the display, is eager to resume their battle, which Cell obliges. The tables then turn since their last battle, and now Cell merely toys with Vegeta at the beginning, taking on his attacks without any sign of damage. Vegeta then delivers a powerful kick to Cell's head, with almost all of his energy converted towards the attack, but Cell is not affected in the slightest (his head turns only slightly from the attack), leaving Vegeta in a momentary state of shock and disbelief. When Cell strikes back, the kick he delivers blows Vegeta away, smashing him through several rock formations. Vegeta then challenges Cell to take his next attack head on without dodging it and prepares his ultimate attack, the Final Flash. While Vegeta charges his deadly beam, Cell continues to stand calm and collected, nearly smiling while Android 16 looks in disbelief. Cell however, does become slightly concerned when Vegeta finally fires the attack. Cell nearly takes the full brunt of the attack, vaporizing everything to the right side above his torso. Though Vegeta believes himself to be victorious, Cell proves otherwise; his cells from Frieza allow him to survive and function with virtually any wound and those of Piccolo allow him to regenerate from the damage instantly. Almost immediately following the attack, Cell regrows the destroyed area and is back to normal. Vegeta, now desperate, fires off dozens of Kibolts, but Cell simply walks through it and with one swift combination of attacks, incapacitates the Saiyan. [21]Cell regeneratesAdded by Kill YouWith Vegeta out of the picture, Future Trunks is free to fully power up without worrying about injuring his father's pride. He soon reaches the Ultra Super Saiyan stage. When Cell finally sees Trunks' powers, he believes Trunks to be stronger than himself, although claims that Trunks still has no chance of winning. He explains that the downside of the increased muscle mass in this form drained Trunks' stamina quickly and made him significantly slower as well. This theory proves correct, as Cell easily dodges Trunks' punches and kicks, mocking Trunks while he does so. Vegeta later tells that, unlike what Future Trunks originally thought, he also can fully power up his body, but does not do so because of this ability's weakness and scolds Future Trunks for not realizing the weakness until now. Cell chides Future Trunks, stating that simple brute force is worthless and quickly demonstrates that he too can increase his muscle size if he desires. At this point, Future Trunks forfeits the match and is willing to allow Cell to kill him. Cell considers it, but decides not to after realizing how much more powerful Vegeta and Future Trunks had become in just a few days, and that Goku would be challenging him soon. He instead decides to hold a tournament in ten days, to test his new power. He also admits to Future Trunks that he has no interest in conquest, he wants just entertainment, primarily through the fear of others. Cell then leaves the island while Trunks stares in shock and confusion. [22]Cell creating the arenaAdded by BeadtmdcUsing telekinesis, Cell spends the next morning creating the arena where he is holding his tournament, the Cell Games, and then interrupts a live news broadcast to inform everyone around the world about the Cell Games. He states that he would take on as many challengers as there are, and if he is able to survive them all, he will then exterminate all life on the Earth, and enjoy watching people's terrified faces in the process. While Cell is at the arena waiting for the day of the competition to arrive, Goku arrives briefly through Instant Transmission to check Cell's power level and they engage in small talk. This is then followed by an attack by the Earth's army, but this proves hopeless as Cell, with a single gesture, destroys them all with a form of psychokinesis. During the ten day wait, Cell mostly stays at his ring and trains, sometimes stands perfectly still, meditating in silence. On the day of the Tournament, Mr. Satan attempts to fight Perfect Cell first, although he is easily knocked away with one flick of Cell's wrist and is disqualified. Throughout the entire tournament, he runs from the media covering the story, claiming that he is suffering from intense stomach pains and calls the techniques in the ring "tricks" or "illusions". Goku and Perfect Cell then begin to battle, although, Cell wishes that Goku would be the last opponent on the list, wanting to "save the best for last". In a heated display of power, technique and ability, Goku seems to be able to keep up against the mechanically engineered monster. Perfect Cell pulls out all kinds of tricks, performing various moves such as the Special Beam Cannon and the Kamehameha wave. [23]Cell waiting on his arenaAdded by Jeangabin666Goku and Perfect Cell battle for a while until Perfect Cell grows tired of being confined to the small ring, not wanting their match to stop due to an "Out of bounds" event. Without much warning, Perfect Cell destroys the ring and makes the battle an all-out fight, just to make things more interesting for him, with no rules applied. Goku throws everything he can at Perfect Cell, and suddenly flies into the air and charges a Kamehameha, which is directly towards the Earth, with Cell knowing if Goku launched the technique, he would decimate the entire planet. Cell becomes noticeably afraid as Goku powers up the energy blast, but Goku tricks him by performing Instant Transmission to teleport directly in front of Perfect Cell, and unleashes the blast on him. The entire top half of Perfect Cell is disintegrated. While some of the Z Fighters are content, believing Cell has died, Krillin, Vegeta and Future Trunks know otherwise, and indeed the other half of Perfect Cell jumps to its feet and regenerates. Goku and Cell continue their ongoing brutal struggle, with Goku firing dozens of ki blasts in a row, putting Cell in a tight spot, as he cannot escape. Cell manages to finally halt Goku's assault by using a Perfect Barrier, protecting himself from the blasts, and destroying quite a lot of the battlefield. Goku knows that if he continues, the Earth will be destroyed or Cell and himself will die fighting each other, and he then suddenly forfeits the match to Cell, shocking both Cell and the other Z Fighters. He reasons that only one person can defeat Cell, and reveals the fighter to be his son, Gohan. The Z Fighters are shocked or furious (noticeably Vegeta and Piccolo), however, Cell is amused, believing the match will be fun, and he will get to make Goku suffer for his idiotic decision by torturing his only son. [24]Cell powering up to fight GohanAdded by Kill YouIt takes a while for the battle to commence between Gohan and Perfect Cell, and even longer for Gohan to get serious. Underestimating his opponent, Cellattacks Gohan directly, making him crash into a rock formation. Like most of the Z Fighters, Cell at first believes the boy to be dead, but Gohan emerges with barely any injury, surprising Cell. As a Full-Power Super Saiyan, he starts out somewhat better than Goku, but in the end, his efforts are no good, which noticeably worries the spectators (except Goku). As the battle continues, Gohan demands that Perfect Cell stop fighting, and he tells him that the power he could harness when he becomes enraged is beyond his control, which may lead to devastating results for Cell. However, Cell begins to laugh, as the story does not scare him, but it only fuels his desire to push Gohan to the limit, much to Gohan's horror. Finally, Android 16 decides to destroy Perfect Cell and himself with the self destruct device in his body. He wraps his arms around Perfect Cell's torso (similar to how Chiaotzu tries to kill Nappa by self destructing), with the purpose of killing them both. To Android 16's surprise, Krillin informs that the bomb had been removed by Bulma when she re-programmed him earlier during repairs. Cell then gains the upper hand and destroys all of Android 16 but his head, which rolls over the battlefield. Cell even claims that even if the bomb did blow up, he would most likely not be affected too much, despite his fearful look when he found out what Android 16 was intending to do. Realizing that no physical pain on Gohan's own body will unleash his hidden potential, Cell then creates sevensmaller blue versions of himself from his tail and christens them Cell Juniors. After they are born, Cell orders them to attack the Z Fighters, but not kill them, and begins to wonder if harm on Gohan's friends and father will finally reveal Gohan's power. [25]Gohan delivers a devastating punch to CellAdded by BeadtmdcDespite their childish appearances and attitudes, the Cell Juniors easily clobber the Z Fighters, being close to Perfect Cell's own power. Only Piccolo, Vegeta and Future Trunks in their Super Saiyan 2nd Grade forms manage to hold them off for a while, but eventually, all of them are brutally defeated (even Goku, who was weakened from his fight with Perfect Cell). As Gohan watches these maniacal minions heartlessly beat his friends and father, he becomes angry, but it is still not enough.

Perfect Cell, noticing Gohan's anger, orders the Cell Jr.'s to kill everyone. At this point, Mr. Satan discovers the head of Android 16, which, surprisingly, can still talk. Android 16 pleads to Mr. Satan to take him near Gohan (throw him if he had to), for the sake of the world. Mr. Satan complies, despite his fear and the android's head lands near Gohan.

Android 16 gives some advice and words of encouragement to Gohan, saying it is okay to fight sometimes to defend loved ones and to protect nature. Perfect Cell, overhearing this, claims that this was good advice and promptly crushes Android 16's head beneath his foot, wires and parts scattering across the battlefield as Gohan watches in shock. This is the breaking point for Gohan, and he finally snaps. This enrages Gohan to the very limits and pushed him to a new level, Super Saiyan 2, the Super Saiyan level ascended beyond a Super Saiyan (although it was not named at this point in the series). Perfect Cell is pleased when Gohan reaches this form, but Gohan's first action ismercilessly killing off the smaller Cell Juniors, which he defeats in a single hit each. [26]Cell after getting hit by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan's Standing KamehamehaAdded by Kill YouThe already astounded Z Warriors, with the exception of the satisfied Goku, are amazed as Gohan and Perfect Cell began to battle, with Gohan dominating the powerful android. Even after Cell, to everyone's surprise and horror, powers up to maximum (a power deemed "unfathomable" by the Z Fighters) and punches Gohan hard in the face, Gohan is barely fazed at all. With just two punches, Gohan almost incapacitates Cell completely. Perfect Cell knows he is no match against Gohan.

Gohan then begins dodging all of Cell's attacks, taunting him, and overpoweringeven his strongest Kamehameha at point blank range. This almost destroys Cell, but Gohan decides to let Cell suffer for a while, which worries Goku, and makes him order Gohan to kill Cell. But it is too late. Cell regenerates using Piccolo's Cells. Making the same mistake Future Trunks makes earlier, he begins an Ultra Super Saiyan-like transformation that reduces his speed drastically, making him unable to hit Gohan. After Gohan has had enough of dodging Cell's punches, he kicks Cell in the face and then in the stomach. The kick to the stomach is hard enough to make Cell regurgitate Android 18, which returns him to his Semi-Perfect form.


Perfect Cell becomes far stronger than he was in his Semi-Perfect Form. While Semi-Perfect Cell was no match for Vegeta as an Ascended Super Saiyan, once Cell reaches his perfect form, the tables have been completely turned, with Cell claiming that he was still 'warming up'. Though his strength is inferior to Ultra Super Saiyan Trunks, he makes up for the lower strength with speed to overwhelm his opponent. He can also increase his muscle mass like Trunks, though he chooses not to use it. Cell was also able to to fight evenly with Goku in his Full-Power Super Saiyan form, and it was later revealed that was not even the full extent of his powers. However, as shown from his fight with Gohan, Perfect Cell is grossly outclasssed by a Super Saiyan 2 .

Power Weighted Perfect CellEdit

[27]Cell takes this buff form a second time, when he loses his temper against GohanAdded by Beadtmdc"Power Weighted Perfect Cell" (パワー重視 完全体セル, Pawa Juuji Kanzentai Seru) is a transformation of Perfect Cell. It makes its debut in "The Cell Games", the 165th episode of Dragon Ball Z (150th in the 276-episode version), which premiered on November 18, 1992. It makes its first manga appearance in "Trunks Surpasses His Father", the 386th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, issued on December 26, 1992.

Cell takes this form for his meteor attack in Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension. He is fully playable in this form in Dragon Ball Z: Dragon BattlersDragon Ball Z: BudokaiDragon Ball Heroes, and Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale. The form also makes a story mode only appearance in the final battle ofDragon Ball Z: Budokai, where Gohan must defeat him, despite the fact he should actually be in his Super Perfect form.


After defeating Future Trunks in his Ultra Super Saiyan transformation, Perfect Cell assumes this buffed state to demonstrate the mistake Future Trunks made increasing his muscle mass, without balancing his speed as well. This otherwise unnamed form is again taken by Cell after he loses his temper with a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. Trunks notes this during the Cell Games, saying "it's making the same mistake he mocked me for!" Though his raw strength in this state dwarfs that of most of the Z Fighters, Gohan is still able to effortlessly cripple him in a single heavy kick to the stomach (a heavy hit to the head in the manga), causing him to regurgitate Android 18 and revert to his Semi-Perfect form. Afterwards, Cell realizes that he can never win at this rate, and blows himself up in an effort to take Gohan and the Earth down with him, but Goku sacrifices himself to stop this from happening. Cell survives the explosion and returns safely to Earth using Goku's own Instant Transmission technique, stronger than ever. This form is never seen afterwards.


Despite ceasing to use this transformation after due to its obvious impairments, his buff stage is considered second only to Cell's Super Perfect form. It is uncertain if Cell is capable of using any techniques unseen in previous transformations, as he only appears buffed for brief periods of time. Nonetheless, Power Weighted Perfect Cell is still markedly outclassed by Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 transformation. In the anime dub, Future Trunks implies that Power Weighted Cell was stronger than Super Saiyan 2 Gohan in terms of brute strength, but manga content suggests otherwise, as Gohan crippled Cell with a single kick to the stomach, and made him regurgitate Android 18.

Super Perfect CellEdit

[28]Super Perfect CellAdded by BeadtmdcSuper Perfect Cell (超完全体セル, Cho Kanzentai Seru) is a version of Cell's perfect form after he receives a Zenkai from his recovery after a botched self-destruction that takes the lives of Goku, King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory. Despite Cell's loss of Android 18 (and after he self-destructs, Android 17), his cells retain the memory of his Perfect Form, which makes it possible for him to regenerate back into that form. This form is officially named in the video games.


In his most powerful state, Cell's appearance remains the same. Nonetheless, his power increases exponentially. His aura crackles with surges of blue electricity, much like a Super Saiyan 2. This huge influx of power causes his already inflated ego to increase dramatically. He becomes notably more deranged, frequently shouting and exhibiting bizarre facial ticks at random intervals (although this may be largely due to his rage over being humiliated by Gohan). In addition, the intro narration for Cell Returns has the narrator referring to Cell as a "demented demon", implying that Cell has become insane when he returned.


Even after self-destructing at King Kai's planet, one single cell survives the explosion due to the fact that his design provided for such. Using the regenerative abilities he inherited from Piccolo, Cell is able to completely recover. His cells also retain a memory of his Perfect Form, allowing him to regenerate into that form again despite his loss of both the Androids at this point (Android 17 is also killed in the explosion of Cell's Semi-Perfect body). Due to his Saiyan trait of extreme power increase after healing from injury, he becomes much stronger than he previously is in his Perfect Form, even at full power or when buffed up. Apparently, Cell himself is previously unaware of this ability, as he is shocked that he is still alive. Only then does he fully grasp what Dr. Gero meant by the perfect being. [29]Super Perfect Cell being obliterated by Gohan's KamehamehaAdded by BeadtmdcUsing Instant Transmission (acquired from Goku), Cell returns to Earth, kills Future Trunks with the Full Power Death Beam, and explains how he survived. Enraged, Vegeta blindly rushes at him in his Super Saiyan form, but is slapped aside. Cell attempts to kill Vegeta with a ki blast, but Gohan intercepts Cell's attack. Due to the sheer power of the attack and the fact that he is unable to actually defend against it, Gohan is left without the use of his left arm and his ki supply reduced to less than half. Cell then wickedly reveals that he will destroy the Earth and then use the Instant Transmission to teleport to various planets destroying each one in the process. The whole situation crushes Gohan's will to fight, convincing him he no longer has the power to defeat Cell.

However, Gohan is told by Goku that his ki issue is just in his mind, and that he can destroy Cell. Gohan desperately engages Cell in a Kamehameha wave struggle at the behest of the late Goku. At this point, the manga and anime take two slightly different approaches on the clash and, consequently, Super Perfect Cell's power. In the anime, Cell gains the upper hand several times, nearly overwhelming Gohan nonchalantly. The other fighters try to distract Cell by attacking him, but fail as Cell simply flares his aura and knocks them all back. As he is about to finish off Gohan, Vegeta distracts Cell with a surprise blast to the side of his head, being much stronger than the others. Vegeta's blast does what the others failed to do. In the manga, while Cell still gains the upper hand, the only one to get involved is Vegeta, and he only needs to do this once. Regardless of the story however, Gohan catches Cell momentarily off guard thanks to Vegeta, allowing Gohan to draw out all of his power to obliterate Cell completely and end the battle. [30]Cell sent to HellAdded by Super Saiyan GoateeThough Cell is gone, he still causes trouble in the Other World after being sent to Hell by King Yemma and striking up a partnership with Frieza, King Cold and the deceased Ginyu Force soldiers GuldoRecoomeBurter, and Jeice. Here, he is defeated along with his friends by Goku and Pikkon, and ultimately sentenced to the Other World Prison. He and the other deceased villains are later shown watching Goku's battle with Kid Buu on a huge crystal ball in Hell. [31]Cell absorbs Kid Goku in HellAdded by BeadtmdcIn Dragon Ball GT, Super Perfect Cell teams up with Frieza to try and kill Goku, but Goku easily dominates them. During the battle, Cell is able to absorb Goku through his tail and though he does gain more power, the victory is only momentarily, as Goku soon forces his way out of Cell's body. Within that brief time, Cell states that the power he had absorbed was nearly overwhelming. He is eventually defeated along with Frieza. Cell was last seen frozen by the coldest ice from Hell, broken in pieces by Goku, and arrested by the ogres.


In his Super Perfect form, Cell seems to be much stronger than a Super Saiyan 2. However, it is not fully known whether or not he is stronger or only as strong as Super Saiyan 2 Gohan as they never get a chance to have a fair match in the manga or anime. In the manga, it is suggested that this form is much more powerful than Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, as after badly hurting Gohan with a blast intended to kill Vegeta, he states "enough playing around" implying he did not put much power into the blast. The video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai suggests otherwise since in the story mode Gohan and Cell have a fair fight at first. In the cut-scene after the battle Cell seems to be angry, implying that Gohan still has the advantage.

Cell after absorbing GokuEdit

[32]Cell absorbing GokuAdded by BeadtmdcIn GT, while Cell and Frieza are fighting Goku in Hell, Cell actually absorbs Goku for a brief while, gaining all of his power (even the power of his Super Saiyan 4 state). His appearance actually does change, becoming much more muscular and being surrounded by electricity, before Goku crawls out of Cell.

Majin CellEdit

[33]Majin Cell and Majin FriezaAdded by SilverThCell appears in this form in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 and Dragon Ball Z 2 V. In the story mode, he and Frieza are revived and turned into Majins by Babidi, and are once again beaten by Goku and the other Z Fighters. When Majin Buu kills Babidi, Cell and Frieza turn back to their old selves and do not remember anything of being controlled by Babidi, though they still continue to obstruct the heroes all the way to the ending chapter. Once beaten for the last time, they finally return to Hell. Cell appears the same as in his Perfect state except with an M on his forehead and black lining around his eyes like with Vegeta when under the trance.


Main article: CellinCellin is the product of Cell absorbing Krillin in a what-if scenario in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai.

Android Evolution CellEdit

Cell drinks the Suta in Hell, which turns him orange, and makes him more powerful than before. His head has 2 more distinctions, his elbows enlarge with spikes on each. Cell looks as his Perfect form, but there are many differences. He still has the black dots he used to have, and all the other stuff are same, except his orange body and new distinctions.


In DragonBall Zeron after drinking the Suta, Cell, is very ruthless, and he is angry when he loses, as seen in his battle with Piccolo on Planet Zets. Cell in his Zeron squad, is also a leader, after King Cold. King Cold and Cell have the same power levels after drinking the Suta, and Cell and King Cold are rivals. Sometimes Cell acts bossy, and other times King Cold does. Cell, Frieza and Cooler are more firendly, as they get along. 

DragonBall ZeronEdit

Tyrant sagaEdit

King Cold reunites with his brother Yougirou in hell. King Cold, Frieza, Cooler, Cell and Yougirou go on a mission in hell, where they find a sacred place where drinks called the Suta, which give you incredible powers. King Cold and his army of tyrants steal them, and defeat the Hell bodyguards. They then communicate with the Lord of the Universe, Lord Zeron, who they were working for. Lord Zeron helps them escape Hell through a portal, and also gives them life. Lord Zeron expected something other then the Suta, which does not work for people of his race, and Lord Zeron demanded Goku brought to the planet. King Cold drinks the Suta, and gains incredible demonic powers, and also takes a sword out of his mouth, which gave him power. King Cold, Frieza, Cooler, Cell and Yougirou head towards earth, but they find Xicor and put him in a rehabilitation chamber. King Cold gives Frieza, Cooler, Cell and Yougirou a Suta drink as well. After the tyrants landed on Earth, they drank the Suta, which also give them incredible powers. Frieza could morph into anything he wants, and was much stronger. Cooler can turn into a dragon and gain more strength and stealth, and was much stronger. Cell turned orange, and had two distinctions on his head. Yougirou changed, as he was able to use Ice, and had the ability to create anything out of ice, ice which can't be destroyed by anything, not even energy blasts. The Z fighters could sense their energy. Frieza and Cooler go to a city nearby, and destroy it, alerting the Z fighters. Cell meanwhile, was still near the spaceship, protecting Xicor. After a long battle, King Cold and Yougirou return with the Dragon Balls, and Frieza injured comes back as well. Cooler was confirmed killed by Gohan. The tyrants then left with the Dragon Balls, back to their own Planet Zets. When they arrived at Planet Zets, Xicor broke out of the rehabilitation chamber. When he did, King Cold told the others to leave, and him alone will face Xicor. King Cold did so, and fought Xicor, to which Xicor was winning. Xicor then turned into a great ape in Super Saiyan 5 type of a form. Xicor was very powerful, and King Cold summoned his demonic poisonous sword, which he uses to fight and poison great ape Xicor. Xicor loses his energy, and get's poisoned, and returns to his normal form. King Cold is then able to stab Xicor in the stomach with the sword yet again, and Xicor dies. King Cold takes Xicor's blood into his tube, and kills Xicor. King Cold takes out the Dragonballs he stole, and brings forth the dragon. King Cold asks Lord Zeron for permission to bring Lila Cold back, and Lord Zeron asks how many wishes he can make, and King Cold asks Shenron Junior the question. Shenron Junior replies by saying five, and Lord Zeron gives King Cold the permission. King Cold wishes Lila Cold back, and she comes back via instantaneous transmission. Lila Cold asks if King Cold had completed the mission to kill Xicor, and King Cold replies by saying of course. It was a set up from the start, as Xicor was created to be killed. King Cold and Lila Cold head towards the Zeron Palace, where the others were bowing to Lord Zeron. King Cold kneeled, and handed over Xicor's blood. Lord Zeron drank it and gained enormous powers. 

Zets tournament sagaEdit

After the tyrant battle on Earth, Goku recieves a message from none other than Lord Zeron himself. Lord Zeron proposes a tournament on his planet for Goku, and promises Goku that if he wins, they will stop being evil. Goku knew it was a trick, but accepted the offer, and he and his friends went to planet Zets via the Capsule light speeded spaceship. In the tournament, everyone had booed the Z fighters. The winner of the tournament has to face King Cold. The torunament's first match was Piccolo vs Cell. Cell had a new Android Evolution form, and proved to be stronger for the Super Namek 3 Piccolo. Android Evolution Cell made new more powerful Cell juniors, and Super Namek 3 Piccolo summoned Tambourine and Drum. Piccolo and his team proved to be outclassed by Android Evolution Cell and his new more powergul Cell juniors, however Piccolo managed to transform into a Super Namek 4, and defeat the new Android Evolution Perfect Cell. King Cold watched the second match as well, which was Goku vs Future Trunks, and the two fought an explosive Super Saiyan 3 battle which Goku had won. The next match was announced, which was Vegeta vs Lila Cold, which before the match, King Cold gives Lila Cold the Suta drink, and she drinks it. After Lila Cold drinks the Suta, she is in a place where a demon was, which was actually the evil inside her. The demon unlocked Lila Cold's hidden powers. Lila Cold then becomes much more stronger, as she can now use dark powers. Lila Cold then fights a brutal match with Vegeta who was in his Super Saiyan 4 form. Vegeta lost his cool due to his humiliation in his life, and his humiliation early in the match, however Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta injured Lila Cold with a bunch of strong attacks, and a Big Bang Attack. After that, Vegeta got manipulated by Lord Zeron himself, however, no one knew what was going on, and no one could sense who the manipulator was. It was none other than Lord Zeron himself sitting on his throne above the crowd, which Goku and the others figured out. Goku turned into a Super Saiyan 4 and went up to where the throne was, and Super Saiyan 4 Goku punched Lord Zeron down to the crowd. After Vegeta was manipulated, he was mentally damaged, and could not talk as he was almost dead. Lila Cold, hanging on to life by a thread used an energy wave to push Vegeta out of the ring, and Yougirou declared Lila Cold the winner of the match, which the Z fighters get angry about. The Z fighters complain and state that it was Lord Zeron manipulating Vegeta, but the Tyrants refuse as there was no evidence to the truth. Lord Zeron get's back to his throne, not hurt a bit, which amazes and brings fear upon the Z fighters. Vegeta get's a senzu bean, and he survives from the brink of death. Vegeta now stronger, turns into a Super Saiyan 4, and attempts to attack Lord Zeron, but Future Trunks turns into a Super Saiyan 4 as well to stop Vegeta, knowing of what Lord Zeron might be able to do. Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta angrily leaves and goes back to his space after Super Saiyan 4 Future Trunks begs Vegeta to not fight Lord Zeron. They all then go back to each of their spaces.


Cell's power level in his Android Evolution form is said to surpass that of Syn Shenron, and all the Shadow Dragons. He is the strongest warrior from the tyrant faction, and also the leader at times. Cell however, is not as strong as Omega Shenron or Xicor, but he fights evenly with Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta.